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Mural #16 by Spidertag in Arkansas, USA

Spidertag recenty shared his latest mural, Interactive Neon Mural #16, done in the exciting little town of Bentonville in Arkansas. It is the largest mural the artist have done to date, 427 square meters (4600 square feet).

Curated by @Justkidsofficial for @ozartnwa
Photo credit by Justkids.art
Spidertag works since 2008 reinterpreting geometry, abstraction and minimalism -recently symbolism- in the streets and rural spaces globally. After a few years creating outdoor paths using wool threads only, at the end of 2015 he discovered flexible neon cables that can be used with batteries, allowing him to start creating permanent and interactive large scale murals. His influences range from Russian Constructivism, to Kinetic art, through electronic and alternative music and literature, cinema, videogames, graffiti and current muralism or modern architecture.
source: https://streetartnews.net